e-Chewing Sense


e~ Chewing Sense

The Chewing Sense is a functional disposable brush filled with xylitol and spearmint, and refreshing and bracing feeling can be felt when rubbed on teeth and gingival using teeth and tongue.


Functional Disposable Tooth Brush That Requires No ‘Water’

01. Everybody, young and old, can easily use, without water, tooth brush and goggle, at any time and any place.
02. Functional finely-processed special tooth brush hair massages teeth and gingival.
03. Prevention of periodontal diseases by massaging teeth and gingiva
04. FDA-certified raw material and natural xylitol used


When is e~Chewing Sense Needed!



e~Chewing Sense Case


e~Chewing Sense Display


Effect of xylitol

Xylitol was developed in Finland during the second World War to replace sugar. The reason of teeth being decayed is due to mutans streptococci, and although xylitol is sweet as sugar, xylitol has a physical property unable to produce acid whereby the incidence rate of dental caries can be greatly reduced, even if zylitol is ingested, because the mutans streptococci dies in the long run due to inability to discharge acid.

Effect of using e~Chewing Sense



Use the Chewing Sense in this way!

  • Massage between gingival and teeth adroitly and do not chew strongly as the Chewing Sense is manufactured with brushes of special materials appropriate for gingival massage.
  • Encase a used Chewing Sense and throw in a trash box.


  • No swallowing of the Chewing Sense itself is allowed while using.
  • Keep the Chewing Sense away from children.